note: PHP 程式碼分析工具

static analysis tool for PHP

Code Sniffer

PHP_CodeSniffer is a set of two PHP scripts; the main phpcs script that tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files to detect violations of a defined coding standard, and a second phpcbf script to automatically correct coding standard violations. PHP_CodeSniffer is an essential development tool that ensures your code remains clean and consistent.

PHP Parser

This is a PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.2 parser written in PHP. Its purpose is to simplify static code analysis and manipulation.

PHPStan - PHP Static Analysis Tool

PHPStan focuses on finding errors in your code without actually running it. It catches whole classes of bugs even before you write tests for the code.


Phan is a static analyzer for PHP. Phan prefers to avoid false-positives and attempts to prove incorrectness rather than correctness.


Psalm is a static analysis tool for finding errors in PHP applications.


openfoundry 程式碼稽核